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Help Purple Dynamites Start Up

I am 17 years old and there are no majorette dance companies in my area for our young girls here. I have decided to start one of my own, I just need help with the start up costs. Fundraising Goal: $4,500

Help us get our camp coach and items

We’re trying to raise money to get Coach Snoodie to Waco to teach camp and tumbling classes Fundraising Goal: $1,800 $0raised

Sponsor Our Uniforms

Help Studio252’s Majorette Team get their next uniform to bring the STORM in South Carolina!

Sponsor the Prancing Panthers Travel

Please sponsor the prancing panthers majorettes team. We’re needing sponsors to help our team with travel expenses and uniform costs.$raised

Dramatic Elite Studio

The fundraiser for Dramatic Elite Dance Company is super important in supporting the passionate dancers on their journey. It ensures they have a special place to practice and all the resources they need for their performances. Our goal of $2200 will cover the costs of...

Sponsor Sarai’s Buck or Die Philly Competition

Help Sarai get to Buck or Die Philly competition

Help the Divas look their best

Fundraising Goal: $2,500

Help The Dancing Starz Get To Competition

Fundraiser for competitions and uniformsFundraising Goal: $5000$dollars raised$dollars raised$dollars raised$[gs_spreadsheet...

Help the Elegant Gemz get uniforms

Support the Elegant Gemz dance team! Help us raise funds for stunning new uniforms and empower our talented dancers to shine on stage. Thank you for your support! Fundraising Goal: $475
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